Jing Wang (王菁) Joins the KIAA Faculty


KIAA has recruited one new faculty member, Jing Wang (王菁) . 

Jing Wang spent three and half years at MPA in Germany as a visiting student before receiving her PhD from USTC in China in 2011. She then worked as a postdoc at MPA for over two years and at CSIRO/ATNF in Australia for three years. She received the Youth Qian Ren honor in 2017.

Jing Wang’s research interests are gas accretion onto galaxies; the cold gas and stellar structure of galaxies; the morphological transformation of galaxies; the relation between star formation and cold gas; the effect of cluster and group environments on galaxies. Her research replies on multi-wavelength observational analysis, especially the 21 cm emission line data that probes atomic hydrogen gas (HI). She has been actively involved in several large HI surveys, including GASS (and also its follow-up survey for molecular hydrogen, COLD GASS), Bluedisk, LVHIS, WALLABY, IMAGING, Apertif-shallow and MALS.