The Chinese Astronomical Society awards the Su-Shu Huang Prize to KIAA faculty member Subo Dong

During the opening ceremony of the 2017 Annual Meeting of Chinese Astronomical Society held in Urumqi on August 8, 2017, Subo Dong, a faculty member of the Kavli Institute for Astronomy & Astrophysics of Peking University, was awarded the 6th Su-Shu Huang Prize of the Chinese Astronomical Society(中国天文学会第六届黄授书奖). The award is to recognize his research achievements in the discovery and study of supernovae with wide-field surveys, in particular his outstanding research on extreme supernovae.

The Chinese Astronomical Society established this prize in order to recognize young Chinese astronomers who have made significant contributions to astronomy. The Su-Shu Huang Prize is awarded every two years and each time to no more than two awardees that are Chinese astronomers under 40 years old who have done their prize-winning works primarily in China.


Professor Subo Dong was awarded the Youth Qianren Award by the Chinese government in 2014. His main research interests are observational and theoretical studies in the field of time-domain astronomy that cover the subjects including supernovae, extrasolar planets and gravitational  microlensing. He has published approximately 90 research papers in prestigous journals such as Science, PNAS and ApJ. Two of his recent discoveries have been recognized as “China’s Top 10 Achievements in Astronomical Science and Technology in 2016”.

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