"Black hole-Host Lifecycle Evolution" Workshop Held at KIAA


On May 23-24, 2017, KIAA hosted a workshop for the project "Black hole-Host Lifecycle Evolution" (BHOLE). BHOLE is a National Key Program for Science and Technology Research and Development, supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China.  The project studies the physical connection between supermassive black holes and galaxies through cosmic time.


This workshop was organized by BHOLE Group 3, and focused on high-redshift universe and cosmic reionization. Over 35 participants attended the workshop, including BHOLE Group 3 members (faculty, postdocs, and students), members from the other three BHOLE groups, and collaborators from domestic institutes and from USA.  About 25 participants gave oral presentations that covered a large variety of topics, such as surveys of high-redshift quasars and galaxies, physical properties of high and low-redshift quasars, properties of supermassive black holes, etc.  There were also extensive discussions on science and collaboration during the workshop.