Black hole - Host Lifecycle Evolution (BHOLE) workshop: Gas, Dust and Star Formation of AGN Host Galaxies

A crucial component relevant to the growth of both the black hole and the galaxy is the gas content of the host galaxy. Gas, both neutral and molecular hydrogen, also offers an effective tool to quantify the global kinematics, and hence the gravitational potential, of the host galaxy. This provides an alternative, effective method to study the scaling relation between black hole mass and host galaxy mass. Gas is also the fuel for star formation and AGN activity in galaxies. AGN feedback can drive gas outflows and regulate star formation in galaxies. The focus of this workshop will be to bring together these different themes to discuss and explore the interplay between gas, dust and star formation of AGN host galaxies in the galaxy population, and make plans for future observations with variety of facilities including ALMA and the 500m FAST radio telescope.

Date:  September 30, 2016;

Venue: KIAA-PKU Auditorium, Peking University



Morning - Session 1  

(each talk will be 12 min presentation + 3 min Q&A)

09:00-09:05  Welcome and workshop overview by Luis Ho

09:05-09:20  Luis Ho

09:20-09:35  Shangguan Jingyi

09:35-09:50  Xie Yanxia

09:50-10:05  Guilin Liu

10:05-10:20  Yingjie Peng


10:20-10:40  Coffee/Tea break


Morning - Session 2  

(each talk will be 12 min presentation + 3 min Q&A)


10:40-10:55  Chengpeng Zhang

10:55-11:10  Zhongyi Man

11:10-11:25  Jing Wang

11:25-11:40  Ran Wang

11:40-11:55  Qiong Li

11:55-12:10  Yali Shao


12:10- 13:00  Lunch


Afternoon - Session 3

13:00-15:00  Discussion and Brainstorming


15:00-15:15  Coffee/Tea break


Afternoon - Session 4


15:15-16:30  Workshop summary, make plans for projects and observations with FAST, JCMT, ALMA, etc.