Announcing the FAST Pulsar Symposium 5 (FPS5)

会议通知 (Annoucement)




   从月球到黑洞,从恒星的襁褓(分子云)到死亡(致密星),从太阳系行星系统到宇宙早期高红移对象,QTT的 科学研究对象可谓是包罗万象。清晰地规划相关科学项目将极大地帮助QTT的设计和工程建设,同时也使得QTT早日成为成为科学研究的利器。这样,科学家在QTT的设计阶段就着手其科学项目设计尤其必要。我们因此举行本会议来讨论相关的科学目标。利用这个平台,我们诚挚地邀请相关科学家参加这个会议,相互讨论,加强科学交流,共同合作,商讨QTT 的相关科学课题。






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The detection of the first celestial radio source was made in 1930s by Karl Jansky. Ever since, there has been never lack of excitements in the radio window, especially we had the unique chance to know, to study, and to explore the dark and violent side of universe. The Xingjiang Qitai Radio Telescope (QTT) is now officially in the planning phase. It is designed to be a fully steerable 110-m single dish telescope capable of high frequency observations, to serve the global astronomical community, and to promote the radio astronomical research in China. Meanwhile, It will also boost the related technology developments. 
The science cases of QTT cover a very wide range of topics, from the moon to the blackholes, from the stars' swaddle (molecular clouds) to their graveyards (compact stars), from our neighborhood (planets) to the farthest reaches (high redshift galaxies) to the whole universe. A clear definition of science program not only aid with the designing and engineering processes of the telescope, but also, just because of it, make the telescope a cutting-edge scientific instrument. It is absolutely necessary to bring related world-wide scientists on board to plan the detailed science cases for QTT at its designing phase.  
We hold the conference for the above mentioned purposes.  All the related scientific researchers are cordially invited to join the conference, to discuss, to communicate, to form the collaboration, and to help shaping the QTT science cases.
The conference will be held from 2nd July to 6rd July 2015, at Zunyi, Guizhou Prov., P.R. China.
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FAST Pulsar Symposium 5 (FPS5):