Formation of boxy/peanut bulges in spiral galaxies

Boxy/Peanut bulges are prevalent in bar spiral galaxies. We classify the stellar orbits of some snapshots from N-body simulations that form a disk with a boxy/peanut bulge at the center without large scale buckling instability, which implies that the buckling instability is not necessary to form the boxy/peanut bulge, and find the 3:4:5 resonance is the dominant resonance that support the formation of the boxy/peanut bulge rather than the 1:x:2 resonances. We also find some high order of resonances not explicitly showed by previous literature, e.g., the 5:7:8 resonance.

LI Baile (SHAO)
KIAA First floor meeting room
Wed, 2017-05-10 12:00 to 13:00