International Year of Light 2015, Public Naming of Exoplanets and IAU Office for Astronomy Outreach

The International Astronomical Union (IAU) Office for Astronomy Outreach(OAO) is an IAU new office hosted at National Astronomical Observatoryof Japan (NAOJ) at Tokyo. After the International Year of Astronomy2009, IAU decided to establish the OAO to coordinate the internationalastronomical outreach efforts. Two major campaigns that OAO are runningare the International Year of Light 2015 and the Public Naming ofExoplanets. IAU is one of the supporting organization of theInternational Year of Light 2015 (IYL2015), and one of the IYL2015cornerstone project is “Cosmic Light”, which connect astronomy to light.OAO is the central hub of coordination for the Cosmic Light cornerstone.On the other hand, IAU has also decided to name exoplanets, however,using a different approach than the naming of solar system bodies likeasteroids or comets, the naming of exoplanet will involve public votingand proposal nominations from public organizations including planetariums.

Cheung Sze-Leung (NAOJ)
KIAA, 1st floor seminar room
Fri, 2014-06-20 12:00 to 13:00