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The second Workshop on Astroparticle Physics Held at KIAA

Tue, 2017-08-22KIAA has successfully organized “Workshop on Astroparticle Physics II” during August 17 to 19, 2017.

The Chinese Astronomical Society awards the Su-Shu Huang Prize to KIAA faculty member Subo Dong

Fri, 2017-08-11During the opening ceremony of the 2017 Annual Meeting of Chinese Astronomical Society, Subo Dong was awarded the 6th Su-Shu Huang Prize (中国天文学会第六届黄授书奖).

KIAA Work Shift in Summer Vacation

Mon, 2017-07-10

Announcing the 2017 SHAO-PKU Bilateral Workshop

Tue, 2017-06-27We are pleased to announce the 2017 SHAO-PKU bilateral workshop in Shanghai on the 24th & 25th of August.

Two Former PhD Students at PKU Awarded IAU PhD Prize

Fri, 2017-06-16

Discovery of Dong's team Listed as one of the Top 10 Achievements in Astronomical Science and Technology in 2016 in China

Thu, 2017-06-15

World's Largest N-body Simulation "TianNu" Discovers the Differential Neutrino Condensation Effect

Wed, 2017-06-14KIAA postdoc fellow Hao-Ran Yu and his research team completed the World’s largest N-body simulation “TianNu” on the Chinese Tianhe-2 supercomputer.

Astronomer at KIAA Interviewed by Major Media in China

Tue, 2017-06-06

Kavli Science Highlight: Did a Starry “Mosh Pit” Spawn LIGO’s Gravitational Waves?

Sat, 2017-06-03The Kavli Foundation presented Rainer and his team's work on LIGO binary black hole detection as one of their science highlights.

First Chinese Pulsar Timing Array Meeting Held at KIAA

Thu, 2017-06-01