Summer Science Day

9:15am:  Welcome

Gaia DR3
9:30am:  Fu Yuming, Extragalactic sources in Gaia DR3
9:45am:  Zhang Shuo, Stellar parameters in Gaia DR3
10:00am:  Zhou Xingyu, Star formation in Gaia DR3

10:15-10:45am:  Coffee/tea break

Planet Formation
10:45am:  Aoyama Yuhiko,  Modeling of observable signatures of forming giant planets

11:00am: Yang Haifeng, Probing Magnetic Fields in Protoplanetary Disk Atmospheres through Polarized near-IR Light Scattered by Aligned Grains

Gravitational Physics and related topics
11:15am:  Wang Weiyang, Circular polarization of repeating FRBs
11:30am:   Dicong Liang, Polarizations of Gravitational Waves in the Bumblebee Gravity Model
11:45am    Gao Yong, Rotation and deformation of strangeon stars

Noon-2pm:  Lunch

AGN and supermassive black holes
2pm:  Qiu Yu:, Observing AGN feedback in action with X-ray -- a theoretical perspective
2:15pm:  Lyu Bing, CSST correlated AGN Sciences: CLAGN, dying AGN and multi wavelength study
2:30pm:  Fei Qinyue, Dynamics of Molecular Gas in Low-z PG Quasars
2:45pm:  Zhang Zhongfu, Binaries Wandering Around Supermassive Black Holes Due To Gravito-electromagnetism

3:00-3:30pm:  Coffee/tea break

Galaxies and fun with JWST!
3:30:  Masafusa, Juan:  First JWST images!
3:45:  Onoue Masafusa:  High-z quasar science with the JWST
4:00:  Li Wenxiu:  Massive Black Hole Seeds of z~6 Luminous Quasars in the JWST Era

4:15   Molina, Juan: Ongoing star formation activity in type 1 Quasars. Nuclear starbursts?

4:30:  Wang Kai:  The mass dependence of satellite quenching.

4:45:  Lan Guangxuan: the stellar mass function of LGRB host galaxies

KIAA Auditorium
Thursday, July 14, 2022 - 9:15AM