PKING, ISM, 2019

KIAA Forum on Gas in Galaxies

As observational and simulation capabilities enter a new era, the key role played by gas in the evolution of galaxies is becoming increasingly recognized. Improving our understanding of the role of gas is therefore a key challenge for the future. The Kavli Institute for Astronomy and Astrophysics (KIAA) plans to host an annual forum on the role of atomic gas, molecular gas, and dust in the galaxies from low to high redshift, as well as in the Milky Way itself. These annual forums aim to bring together active researchers for the purpose of reviewing recent achievements and discussing future frontiers. As galaxies are eco-systems of gas in different phases and stars of different ages, the forum also aims to improve interactions between researchers in different fields, and between observers and theorists.

Multiple-phase Interstellar medium:

Probing the Activities and Power Engines from Local to Distant Universe


The 2nd meeting of the “KIAA forum on gas in galaxies”, to be held on 9-13 Sept, 2019, with a focus on "Multiple-phase ISM: probing the activities and power engines from local to distant universe".

Due to the excellent capabilities of the modern astronomy facilities from X-ray to radio, the gas and dust contents are largely searched in samples of galaxies from local to distant universe, and resolved on cloud scale. The interstellar and intergalactic medium (ISM/IGM), from the hot corona gas to the cold molecular clouds, are faithful witnesses and recorders of galaxy evolution. With the help of computational modeling and numerical simulations, people are investigating the physical conditions and kinematic properties of these ionized, neutral, and molecular gas components in and around galaxies, trying to understanding their connections to the evolutionary activities in galaxies, including galaxy interaction, accretion, star formation, and nuclear activities etc. In this workshop, we would like to bring people together to review and discuss the recent progresses in the studies of ISM/IGM.

We propose the following major topics:    

  • The gas and dust contents in galaxies and their evolution.

  • Structures and dynamics of the ISM.      

  • ISM diagnostics in the local and distant universe and the power engine.

  • Multiple-phase outflows and stellar and AGN feedbacks.

  • Gas in the halo/IGM and accretion flows.

  • ISM and star formation across the Milky Way.

Important dates

1 March 2019 -- Registration start

15 June 2019 -- Deadline for abstract submission and registration

9 Sept 2019 -- Meeting starts

13 Sept 2019 -- Meeting closes

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