Studying kinematically decoupled galaxies with MaNGA

The advent of integral-field unit (IFU) technique makes the great revolution in observation by efficiently providing spatially-resolved spectra. In this talk, I would first briefly introduce two on-going large IFU sky surveys - MaNGA and SAMI. Then, I would talk about our researches undertaken with MaNGA data. Our researches focus on the properties of two types of kinematically decoupled galaxies -- the gas-star kinematically misaligned galaxies and the so-called "2-sigma" galaxies. We propose that these galaxies might originate from merger or gas accretion, emphasising the importance of external processes in galaxy evolution history. Finally, I would talk about the prospect for studying gas flows with current IFU data in my personal view.
Yi-Fei Jin (金刈非)
1st Seminar Room, KIAA-PKU
Sunday, September 17, 2017 - 5:00pm to 6:00pm