Understanding the Dawn of Galaxies: Perspectives from the Galaxy Luminosity Function, the Global 21cm Signal and Beyond

The UV luminosity function of high-redshift galaxies has been precisely measured up to z~8 by various near-infrared surveys, with a few sources detected at as high as z~11. Understanding these early generations of galaxies allows us to constrain how they formed stars in the first billion years of the Universe and sourced the ultraviolet photons driving the reionization. In this talk, I will introduce a simple analytic model of these galaxy populations, which is calibrated to the observed UV luminosity function of EoR galaxies and allows physically-motivated extrapolations to currently hidden populations in the context of stellar feedback. Using this model, we make new predictions for both direct observations of high-z galaxies (e.g. JWST) and measurements of the intergalactic medium (e.g. the EoR history, the global 21cm signal) in the future. 

Guochao SUN (Caltech)
1st Seminar Room, KIAA-PKU
Tuesday, March 28, 2017 - 5:00pm to 6:00pm