2015 East-Asia AGN Workshop


1st announcement of the "East-Asia AGN Workshop 2015"

July 14-16, 2015, Changchun, China



 We are pleased to announce that a workshop entitled "East-Asia AGN Workshop 2015" will be held in Changchun, China, on July 14-16 2015. This is the third of a series of workshops for getting together scientists working in the East-Asia region in the AGN field. The previous two workshops, held respectively in Jeju, Korea in September 2012 and in Sapporo, Japan in August 2013, were very successful. These workshops provided a lively, stimulating forum for presenting and discussing new results, as well as exchanging ideas, which cover a wide range of topics in AGN research, including both theoretical modeling and observational investigation in multiple wavebands. Motivated by feedbacks from the participants of the previous workshops, this workshop will put special emphasis on encouraging and initiating new collaborations.  

The conference will be held in Changchun, the capital city of Jilin province in northeast China, which is closer to both Korea and Japan than many of the Chinese cities. Changchun is known for its cooler climate in summer and the conference venue is a popular touristic site. We would strongly encourage you to keep your schedule available during this period! We will limit the number of participants to ~ 60 to ensure close interaction among participants. Further details will be announced in the 2nd announcement that will be distributed in May.  

Date and Place:    

-- July 14-16, 2015    

-- Sheraton Changchun Jingyuetan Hotel (Changchun, China)


-- Discount rate for hotel rooms: 500RMB for a double room (breakfast for two persons included) and 450RMB for a big-bed single room (breakfast for one person included)



-- Deadline for registration and abstract submission: April 5, 2015

-- Registration website: http://ea-agn.csp.escience.cn

-- Registration fee: 900RMB for students and 1500RMB for others (including banquet dinner). Should be paid in cash on site at registration on July 13, 2015


Important Dates:    

-- January 26: 1st announcement    

-- April 5: deadline for registration and abstract submission 

-- May 10: 2nd announcement

-- June 25: 3rd announcement

-- July 13: registration at hotel    

-- July 14: opening of the workshop     


NOTE: If you need a visa to enter China, we strongly encourage you to register as soon as possible, for avoiding any troubles related to the visa issue.  


Science Organizing Committee:    

 -- Tohru Nagao (Ehime)    

 -- Jong-Hak Woo (SNU)

 -- Xue-Bing Wu (PKU)

 -- Suijian Xue (NAOC)    

 -- Weimin Yuan (NAOC)  


Local Organizing Committee:    

 -- Congying Bao (NAOC)

 -- Fei Fan (CHO)    

 -- Chengzhi Liu (CHO)    

 -- Ran Wang (PKU)    

 -- Xue-Bing Wu (Chair, PKU)

 -- Weimin Yuan (NAOC)  



 -- Xue-Bing Wu (wuxb@pku.edu.cn): LOC chair 

 -- Congying Bao (cybao@bao.ac.cn): LOC secretary

Tuesday, July 14, 2015 - 9:00am to Thursday, July 16, 2015 - 5:00pm
Changchun, China