Rohan Potham Naidu

Having just finished his B.S. in Physics and Liberal Arts at Yale-NUS College (Singapore), Rohan Naidu is visiting KIAA before beginning a PhD in Astronomy at Harvard University this fall. His fledgling research career includes working on extreme emission line galaxies and developing quality-flagging machine learning models for the 3D-HST survey (van Dokkum group, Yale), discovering some of the first Lyman Continuum emitters at high redshift with the Hubble Deep UV Survey (Oesch group, University of Geneva), and helping characterize a Type 1A supernova (Penprase group, Yale-NUS College). Outside Astronomy, Rohan has co-founded a machine-learning/data science startup (26 Factorial (Facerecog Asia)), has published poetry in international journals, and has run a viral electoral literacy website ( 




Reasons for Visit: 
Visiting Linhua Jiang
Research Interests: 
Cosmic Reionization, High-Redshift Extragalactic Astronomy, Machine Learning Applications in Astronomy, Supernova Cosmology
Period of stay: 
Monday, June 19, 2017 to Monday, August 14, 2017
Home Institute: 
Yale-NUS College