Beyond turbulence: a fundamentally different mode of cluster formation in Orion

We compare 3 constituents of Orion A (gas, protostars, andpre-main-sequence stars), both morphologically and kinematically, toshow the following. Essentially all protostars lie superposed on theIntegral Shaped Filament (ISF), while almost all YSOs do not.  Thefact that protostars move <1 kms relative to the filaments while YSOsmove several times faster implies that a “slingshot mechanism” mayeject protostars from the dense filamentary cradle. The B-fieldstrengths, compared with the gas mass distribution, indicates thatmagnetic instabilities may be propagating through the cloud.

Prof. Amelia Stutz.
KIAA first floor meeting room
Mon, 2017-02-27 12:00 to 13:00