A Monograph of Pulsar Physics by PKU-Astronomers

Recently, a monograph titled Pulsar Physics has just been published by Peking University Press in Chinese. The authors (Xinji Wu, Guojun Qiao and Renxin Xu) are three astronomers from Peking University.

A pulsar, known for its extremely high density, electromagnetic field and gravity, is the rump left behind after a supernova explosion of an evolved massive star. Pulsars are not only interesting objects for us to understand various astronomical phenomena, but also testbed for fundamental laws (e.g., the nature of gravitational and strong forces) and tools to detect nano-Hz gravitational wave. This book is intended for newcomers to the field and presents a comprehensive review of pulsar physics and astronomy, from radio telescope, data reduction and analysis, to pulsar electrodynamics and inner structure, as well as to binary evolution and gravity test.

The Chinese FAST (Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical radio Telescope), the biggest single-dish radio telescope in the world, will not only promote science and technology in China but also be beneficial for international scientists. Pulsar science is one of the priorities now for FAST, and this book would certainly be timely to enables PhD students and scientists specialized in these fields to start a research project of pulsar observation and theory.

More information for the book please refer to http://www.phy.pku.edu.cn/~xurenxin/publications/SP/PSR.pdf