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Constraining CIII] Emission in a Sample of Five Luminous z = 5.7 Galaxies, ApJL, vol. 838, p. L22, 2017.
Discovery of 16 New z   5.5 Quasars: Filling in the Redshift Gap of Quasar Color Selection, AJ, vol. 153, p. 184, 2017.
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Gas Dynamics of a Luminous z = 6.13 Quasar ULAS J1319+0950 Revealed by ALMA High-resolution Observations, ApJ, vol. 845, p. 138, 2017.
High Lyman Continuum Escape Fraction in a Lensed Young Compact Dwarf Galaxy at z = 2.5, ApJL, vol. 837, p. L12, 2017.
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