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S. Alam, Albareti, F.  D. , C. Prieto, A. , Anders, F. , Anderson, S.  F. , Anderton, T. , Andrews, B.  H. , Armengaud, E. , Aubourg, É. , Bailey, S. , and al., et, The Eleventh and Twelfth Data Releases of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey: Final Data from SDSS-III, apjs, vol. 219, p. 12, 2015.
C. Ricci, Bauer, F. E. , Treister, E. , and al., et, Growing Supermassive Black Holes in the Late Stages of Galaxy Mergers are Heavily Obscured, Science.
N. Castello-Mor, Kaspi, S. , Netzer, H. , and al., et, Unveiling Slim Accretion Disc in AGN through X-ray and Infrared Observations, MNRAS.