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den M. Brok, Seth, A.  C. , Barth, A.  J. , Carson, D.  J. , Neumayer, N. , Cappellari, M. , Debattista, V.  P. , Ho, L.  C. , Hood, C.  E. , and McDermid, R.  M. , Measuring the Mass of the Central Black Hole in the Bulgeless Galaxy NGC 4395 from Gas Dynamical Modeling, apj, vol. 809, p. 101, 2015.
D.  J. Carson, Barth, A.  J. , Seth, A.  C. , M. Brok, den, Cappellari, M. , Greene, J.  E. , Ho, L.  C. , and Neumayer, N. , The Structure of Nuclear Star Clusters in Nearby Late-type Spiral Galaxies from Hubble Space Telescope Wide Field Camera 3 Imaging, aj, vol. 149, p. 170, 2015.