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L. Ferrarese, Côté, P., Sánchez-Janssen, R., Roediger, J., McConnachie, A.  W., Durrell, P.  R., MacArthur, L.  A., Blakeslee, J.  P., Duc, P. - A., Boissier, S., Boselli, A., Courteau, S., Cuillandre, J. - C., Emsellem, E., Gwyn, S.  D.  J., Guhathakurta, P., Jordán, A., A. con, L. \c, Liu, C., Mei, S., Mihos, J.  C., Navarro, J.  F., Peng, E.  W., Puzia, T.  H., Taylor, J.  E., Toloba, E., and Zhang, H., The Next Generation Virgo Cluster Survey (NGVS). XIII. The Luminosity and Mass Function of Galaxies in the Core of the Virgo Cluster and the Contribution from Disrupted Satellites, apj, vol. 824, p. 10, 2016.
J.  C. Roediger, Ferrarese, L., Côté, P., MacArthur, L.  A., Sánchez-Janssen, R., Blakeslee, J.  P., Peng, E.  W., Liu, C., Muñoz, R., Cuillandre, J. - C., Gwyn, S., Mei, S., Boissier, S., Boselli, A., Cantiello, M., Courteau, S., Duc, P. - A., A. con, L. \c, Mihos, J.  C., Puzia, T.  H., Taylor, J.  E., Durrell, P.  R., Toloba, E., Guhathakurta, P., and Zhang, H., The Next Generation Virgo Cluster Survey (NGVS). XXIV. The Red Sequence to $\sim$10$^6$ L$\_ødot}$ and Comparisons with Galaxy Formation Models, ArXiv e-prints, 2016.
R. Sánchez-Janssen, Ferrarese, L., MacArthur, L.  A., Côté, P., Blakeslee, J.  P., Cuillandre, J. - C., Duc, P. - A., Durrell, P., Gwyn, S., McConnacchie, A.  W., Boselli, A., Courteau, S., Emsellem, E., Mei, S., Peng, E., Puzia, T.  H., Roediger, J., Simard, L., Boyer, F., and Santos, M., The Next Generation Virgo Cluster Survey. VII. The Intrinsic Shapes of Low-luminosity Galaxies in the Core of the Virgo Cluster, and a Comparison with the Local Group, apj, vol. 820, p. 69, 2016.