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J. Ding, Cai, Z., Fan, X., Stark, D. P., Bian, F., Jiang, L., McGreer, I. D., Robertson, B. E., and Siana, B., Constraining CIII] Emission in a Sample of Five Luminous z = 5.7 Galaxies, ApJL, vol. 838, p. L22, 2017.
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F. Bian, Fan, X., Mcgreer, I., Cai, Z., and Jiang, L., High Lyman Continuum Escape Fraction in a Lensed Young Compact Dwarf Galaxy at z = 2.5, ApJL, vol. 837, p. L12, 2017.
Z. Cai, Fan, X., Bian, F., Zabludoff, A., Yang, Y., Prochaska, J.  X., Mcgreer, I., Zheng, Z. - Y., Kashikawa, N., Wang, R., Frye, B., Green, R., and Jiang, L., Mapping the Most Massive Overdensities through Hydrogen (MAMMOTH). II. Discovery of the Extremely Massive Overdensity BOSS1441 at z = 2.32, apj, vol. 839, p. 131, 2017.
W. - J. Liu, Qian, L., Dong, X. - B., Jiang, N., Lira, P., Cai, Z., Wang, F., Yang, J., Xiao, T., and Kim, M., A Ringed Dwarf LINER 1 Galaxy Hosting an Intermediate-mass Black Hole with Large-scale Rotation-like Hα Emission, ApJ, vol. 837, p. 109, 2017.