Postdoctoral Researcher Opportunity
BHOLE Project

SUPERVISOR/HOST INSTITUTION: Jingwen Wu (National Astronomical Observatories, Chinese Academy of Sciences)

PROJECT TITLE: Tracing the evolutionary transition between obscured and un-obscured quasars

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Hot, dust-obscured galaxies, or Hot DOGs, is a newly discovered population of high redshift (z~2-3), hyper-luminous, dusty galaxies. They are the most luminous obscured AGNs in the universe. Hot DOGs locate at a special evolution stage during galaxy-galaxy merging, tracing obscured super massive black holes (SMBHs) in the most violent phase of accretion and feedback, right before the emergence of visible quasars. These Hot DOGs may exist in different cosmic epochs. This project intents to improve our understanding of Hot DOGs in gas and dust properties, understanding the possible evolutionary connections between obscured and un-obscured quasars. The project includes optical, NIR, FIR and submm follow-up studies. This work will provide some most extreme samples to constrain the black hole – host galaxy co-evolution, and also probe a key stage in connecting obscured and un-obscured quasars.

PROJECT REQUIREMENTS: General knowledge of extragalactic astronomy and physics of active galaxies. Desirable to have expertise in one or more of the following topics: (1) Optical/NIR spectroscopy; (2) Submillimeter/radio observations and data reduction (3) HI and molecular lines (CO) analysis.


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