Postdoctoral Researcher Opportunity
BHOLE Project

SUPERVISOR/HOST INSTITUTION: Guilin Liu (University of Science and Technology of China)

PROJECT TITLE: Observations of Feedback from Luminous Quasars at Different Cosmic Epochs

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: Current galaxy evolution models routinely invoke quasar feedback as an indispensable ingredient, but observational evidence for quasar feedback remains scarce. Combining (long-slit and integral field) spectroscopy and imaging datasets, we will investigate luminous quasars at low, intermediate and high redshifts, and compare the spatial scales, morphology, energetics and kinematics of their outflows to the theoretical predictions from galaxy formation and evolution models. The ultimate goal is to build up a concrete observational foundation for the postulated feedback mechanism through a systematic census of outflows from powerful quasars.

PROJECT REQUIREMENTS: General knowledge in extra-galactic astronomy and experience in obtaining and reducing astronomical data are required. Specific experience in AGN/quasar projects will be advantageous, but not mandatory. The successful candidate(s) is also expected to have sufficient oral and written communication skills. In particular, a good record of proposing for major telescopes will be highly desirable.


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