Postdoctoral Researcher Opportunity
BHOLE Project

SUPERVISOR/HOST INSTITUTION: Bin Luo (School of Astronomy and Space Science, Nanjing University)

PROJECT TITLE: X-ray View of Growing Supermassive Black Holes and Their Connections to the Host Galaxies

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: The evolution of galaxies and their central supermassive black holes (SMBHs) are closely linked. X-ray emission is a ubiquitous property of luminous AGNs that dominate SMBH growth through cosmic time, and it provides a clear view of the central engine due to its penetrating power, low dilution from host-galaxy starlight, and the diagnostic power of X-ray spectra. Focusing on a large sample of optical and NIR selected active galaxies, we aim to systematically (1) analyze their available X-ray data, (2) study X-ray images, continua, emission/absorption features, and/or variability, and (3) obtain crucial AGN characteristics such as luminosities, SMBH accretion rates, obscuration properties, SMBH masses, and outflow properties. Utilizing the host-galaxy properties (e.g., stellar mass, star-formation rate, and morphology) obtained via multiwavelength data, we will further investigate the connections between AGNs and their host galaxies.

PROJECT REQUIREMENTS: General familiarity with handling of large astronomical data sets; general knowledge of AGNs and extragalactic astronomy. Expertise in Chandra and XMM-Newton data analysis would be an advantage.


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