Numerical Simulation Study of AGN Feedback and Black Hole Accretion

Postdoctoral Researcher Opportunity

BHOLE Project


SUPERVISOR/HOST INSTITUTION: Feng Yuan (Shanghai Astronomical Observatory, CAS)

PROJECT TITLE:  Numerical Simulation Study of AGN Feedback

PROJECT DESCRIPTION:  AGN feedback is regarded as a potentially crucial physical process in governing galaxy formation and evolution. The aim of this project is to investigate in detail how this occurs from various scales, ranging from black hole accretion disk to cosmological scales. Addressed questions include: how the radiation, jet, and wind from the accretion flow interact with the ISM of the host galaxy, and how these interactions determine the coevolution of the black hole and the host galaxy.

PROJECT REQUIREMENTS: Hydro, MHD, or radiation HD (MHD) numerical simulation experiences; expertise in black hole accretion, AGN feedback, or galaxy formation and evolution.



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