1. Meals: at registration, students will receive free meal cards that allow them to pay at the university canteens; non-students, you can purchase meal cards during registration. There are of order 10 canteens on campus, serving a variety of food from chinese dumplings to Italian pasta, and each meal costs in average 10 RMB. Here are their respective opening times. There are also a large number of restaurants both on campus and just outside the campus.

  2. Workshop Banquet: will be held Wed. Dec. 16Th, 6PM at the 3rd floor restaurant on top of the Changchun Yuan Canteen (畅春园3楼餐厅)just outside the west gate of PKU. Marked as A12 in the campus map. This will be a buffet style dinner and is sponsored by KIAA. But you will have to sign up for it during registration.

  3. Entertainment:

      in the greater Beijng area: the great metropolis Beijing has something on every day. Of particular interest may be the newly-built spectacular Chinese center for the performing arts. Downtown is ~30 minutes by Subway.

    within PKU campus: on the evenings of Dec. 15,16, 18,19,20, there are Kun-Ju performances in the PKU centennial hall. these are classical chinese theatre plays in the style of Kun. There are English subtitles to go along with the play. You can purchase tickets by walking over to the hall ticket window.

  4. Outing day: Tuesday Dec. 15th is a free day. Local students/faculties are happy to help with information if necessary.